A lungo is made by extracting an espresso shot for longer giving more volume, but also extracting some bitter flavours."Menu: Starbucks Coffee Company".

1, she sang in eights into barrio chords.4 5, earlier, in his 1928 novel, ashenden: Or the British Agent, Somerset Maugham has his protagonist order and drink something called an americano in Naples during World War I, but there is not enough information to indicate whether it is the same drink.I Only Have a Kitchen Because It Came with the House.

The drinks origin dates back to World War II when American GIs stationed in Italy added hot water to their espressos to create a drink closer to the type of coffee they were used to back home.The name is also spelled with varying capitalization and use of diacritics :.g., café americano.In Italy caffè americano could mean either espresso with hot water or filtered coffee (caffè all'americana).