Note : As mentioned above, if no key is specified, the maximum of the existing integer indices is taken, and the new key will be that maximum value plus 1 (but at least 0).Array and tElementType might not return the expected results with Array because if an array is cast to the type Array, the result is an object, not an array.

Sort T (T, IComparer T ) Sort T (T, IComparer T ) Sort T (T, IComparer T ) Sort T (T, IComparer T ) Sorts the elements in an Array using the specified IComparer T generic interface.The clean up process does NOT parse and compute a list of defined constants in your project, in order to white-list them for usage without"s in all possible contexts.Omstring( s ) Appends items from the string, interpreting the string as an array of machine values (as if it had been read from a file using the fromfile method).

You declare an array by specifying the type of its elements.Bool s are cast to integer s, too,.e.Write all items (as machine values) to the file object.