This enhanced satellite image is tinged with a patina of various colors that can indicate both the age and mineral content of the original lava flows.Retrieved 7,853,428 out of 11,226,309 people over 15 years of age.Argentina, and on the west by the.

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"The Chilean pension system" (PDF).The high plains ( m, 13,000-19,000 ft) of the Andes Mountains, also known as the Puna, appear in the foreground, with a line of young volcanoes (dashed line) facing the much lower Atacama Desert ( m elevation).

Nueva Las Condes Please see the itinerary field below for a detailed list of stops.109 However, it is undeniable that immigrants have played a significant role in Chilean society.Buccaneers and English adventurers menaced the colony in addition to the Mapuche, as was shown by Sir Francis Drake 's 1578 raid on Valparaíso, the colony's principal port.