For the lost r, compare the attested historic alternations bost bortz 'five oste ortze 'sky etc.Jerry Garcia Band, grateful Dead - Trouper's Club.Other theories suggest that García is of Germanic origin and may derive from wars meaning young warrior 11 or the Visigothic words garxa and garcha meaning graceful prince.

Heavy Turbulence, grateful Dead - Community War.A b Gartzia (Garzia, García) euskal deitura dela eta, language question presented to the Academy of the Basque Language answered by Xabier Kintana.

2 3, ramón Menéndez Pidal and Antonio Tovar suggests it may come from the Basque word (H)artz, meaning the) Bear ".There are Gasconic cognates of Garcia like Gassie and Gassion 9 ( Béarn, Gassio 14th century, 10 real name of Edith Piaf, born Edith Gassion).Castilianized, into the medieval, kingdom of Castile, becoming "García".