We also never got definite answers for critical things, like will the maximum slip angle change, will the spawn time change, and which other parameters would stay fixed.I bet we would have at least 50 very competitive teams, that would have been awesome.I hope the organizers have learned a lot from this competition.

Then finally, there was of course a lot of other problems that, have already been mentioned here on Reddit, so I won't go into them.But to prove my point, with my naive driving algorithm, me and my wife's(mostly for support and testing) team Jyckegården was able to give Argusdusty, and Drowsy, both of which went on to the top 6, a good run in this race.There's only a few laps in the qualification, no where near enough to learn enough to beat the ones with the parameters known.

I guess it's time to end this rather long and negative post now.Much better would have been to have released it early.On Tuesday, it was time to implement some very basic turbo usage.