c:choose, c:when and c:otherwise Tags The c:choose is a parent tag that is used in performing switch-like or if-else expressions.The fn:escapeXml Function The fn:escapeXML function is used to escape XML markup in the input String like this:.5.

The formatted URL is stored in the var attribute.11 fmt:requestEncoding Sets the request character encoding SQL Tags The jstl SQL tag library provides tags for interacting with relational databases (rdbmss) such as Oracle, mySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server.Wed use it like this: c:set var "string3" value "fn:substringAfter(string1, 'is /.13.

fmt:bundle tag is useful for enabling internationalization as we can specify locale-specific objects.The c:when tag has the following attributes.Util.Date fmt:formatDate type"time" value"now.2.