Then it returns dest.But they are also more cumbersome to write.

But 49 and.2 are not: / unc is a built-in function that removes the decimal part alert( String(unc(Number 49 / "49 same, integer property alert( String(unc(Number 49 / "49 not same "49" not integer property alert( String(unc(Number.2 / "1 not same "1.2" not.There are many other kinds of objects in JavaScript: Array to store ordered data collections, Date to store the information about the date and time, Error to store the information about an error.And they extend it in various ways.

For multiword properties, the dot access doesnt work: / this would give a syntax error kes birds true, thats because the dot requires the key to be a valid variable identifier.Instead of name:name we can just write name, like this: function makeUser(name, age) return name, / same as name: name age / same as age: age /.