Though it is possible to calculate a negative P/E, this is not the common convention.Investor Expectations In general, a high P/E suggests that investors are expecting higher earnings growth in the future compared to companies with a lower P/E.In theory, by taking the median of P/E ratios over a period of several years, one could formulate something of a standardized P/E ratio, which could then be seen as a benchmark and used to indicate whether or not a stock is worth buying.

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For equity investors, however, earning periodic investment income may be secondary to growing their investments' values over time.(nyse:WMT) as of November 14, 2017, when the company's stock price closed.09.

The American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary Copyright 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company.Comparing the P/E ratios of a telecommunications company and an energy company, for example, may lead one to believe that one is clearly the superior investment, but this is not a reliable assumption.AMR, berry Petroleum Corporation.