When I put their allegations to Epstein, he denied them and went into overdrive.For example, if a trader purchases a put option contract for Company XYZ for 1 (i.e.,.01/share for a 100-share contract) with a strike price of 10 per share, the trader can sell the shares at 10 before the end of the option period.Sheathe one's sword; stop fighting.

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useful. Note: great care must be exercised if mutable objects are used as map keys. Post as a guest, name, email, by clicking "Post Your Answer you acknowledge

Put away, to put in the designated place for storage: Put away the groceries as soon as you get home.Tease (a person especially by pretending the truth of something that is untrue: You can't be seriousyou're putting me on, aren't you?

In a generic context, to put something means to force the purchase of something.Put, place, lay, set mean to bring or take an object (or cause it to go) to a certain location or position, there to leave.