In 1957, Preus was appointed instructor of systematics (creeds and confessions) and philosophy.Superman " as their "god in heaven" above.In 1991 he created the Luther Academy, a Lutheran foundation which has the goal of the production of a Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series of books.

Preuss can see things behind a solid, opaque object as if it were not there.Convinced that Kal-El defiles the legacy of "The Superman Preus swore to assume that responsibility himself, and that all of the impure would die by his hand.Preus was ordained in October 1947.

Superman he and others had worshiped for so long.Preus also possesses a breastplate protecting him from telepathy and allows him to eavesdrop on telepathic conversations.In 1976 the seminary was moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where it had been founded over a hundred years before.