First things first: We Seriously Under-Read Our Putts!Marius Filmalter Marius Golf, Dallas, Texas m @marius_golf Good green-readers work off horizontal.Making a side-to-side assessment in your green-reading routine will have you judging break like a cagey pro.

Claw putting grip

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Meaning of putting someone up

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Putting a parfum

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Visio putting

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As an optometrist and sports-vision specialist, I know thats not the case.Remember how far the putt looks from this perspective, then go back to the ball to complete your read.Youre not the only one reading, and weeping, on the greens.

Adjective phrase put out "angry, upset" is first recorded 1887; to put out, of a woman, "to offer oneself for sex" is from 1947.Youll glean more information by scanning the putt horizontally.By, luke Kerr-Dineen, i could talk for weeks about my 50-year infatuation with all things putting.