Diccionario de la lengua española 2005 Espasa-Calpe: relación.The company has lost money relative to the previous quarter.They may also be rejected for technical errors with the filer given an opportunity to correct those errors and resubmit the filing.

I am not Laura's friend, we just have a working relationship.The actress decided to speak out regarding the awards ceremony.Relación (trato entre personas) relationship ( kinship ) be related vi adj be related to each other, ana y Juan tienen una relación de parentesco: son primos.

This free service provides the public the ability to subscribe to documents published on the Commission's website that are associated with formal proceedings, resolutions, agenda related materials, and press releases.Relación laboral nf adj (relación de trabajo) working relationship professional relationship working relations No soy amiga de Laura, sólo tenemos una relación laboral.Intervenir en una relación (inmiscuirse en ella) meddle in a relationship poke your nose in a relationship Pedro intervino en una relación complicada entre dos de sus amigos.