Other things to consider : Santander is a city in North Spain and weather is similar to North Germany.Historical 17th-century building, birthplace of Spanish artillery captain Pedro Velarde y Santillan, antiquities and period furnishings, kitchen utensils, paintings.Feve 32 offers daily train services from Bilbao and Asturias to Santander.

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hermosa, tranquila y con mucha historia que también gusta de recibir a visitantes para mostrarles todo lo que Cantabria guarda para ellos. Sean cuales sean tus deseos, no

Pessoa jurídica: atendimento de segunda a sexta-feira, das 8h às 19h (exceto feriados).Sin cambiar de banco.Impressive private home of ship owner Francisco García, with an outstanding view on the beach as well as Renaissance and Baroque elements of architecture edit Edificio de Viviendas, Calle Castelar, 15 (in the city center, reached with bus no 1).

It has a zoo on the rocky cliffs on the northern end, with lions, seals, penguins and polar bears and a galleon nearby that belonged to the sailor and adventurer Vital Alsar.Santander's most famous park with a lot of trees, bushes and flowers, a pond, several sculptures, a music pavilion, a monument to the writer José María de Pereda (1833-1906 a fountain dedicated to the Cantabrian author, Concha Espina (1877-1953 the Fuente de los Meones and.