Contemporary Examples of sapiens, historical Examples of sapiens, he was the son-in-law of Lælius, surnamed Sapiens, or the Prudent.Sapiens invites us to not only connect past developments with present concerns, but moreover to question our basic narratives of the world.Destaquem 23 d'octubre 1983, es crea el parc natural del Delta de l'Ebre.

El 1962 ja s'havia inclòs en la classificació de les zones humides euroafricanes d'interès internacional.Sapiens should have been translated sportsman, for it is a synonym in this case.Efemèrides Últims números publicats.

Empire is the most successful political system humans have invented, and our present era of anti-imperial sentiment is probably a short-lived aberration.History began when humans invented gods and will end when humans become gods.Seventy thousand years ago, there were at least six different human species on earth.