He is a companion.Had all gone according to his plan, he would have reclaimed the orb and used its power to tear down the Veil with the Anchor.

As Solas had gained control of the eluvians, and substantially grown in power since his time in the Inquisition (including being able to petrify people with a thought he remained elusive.If Solas is befriended and the Inquisitor asks why the world must be destroyed, Solas will not answer the question but will smilingly remark that the Inquisitor has always shown a thoughtfulness he appreciated, and that it would be too easy to tell them too.I witnessed the brutality of the darkspawn and the valor of the Fereldan warriors.

Chapter V identifies certain navigation safety services which should be provided by Contracting Governments and sets forth provisions of an operational nature applicable in general to all ships on all voyages.Regulation XI-2/8 confirms the role of the Master in exercising his professional judgement over decisions necessary to maintain the security of the ship.