Emilia (in particular, bologna and, modena they are usually served in broth ( in brodo either of beef, chicken, or both.Contents, origins edit, hand made tortellini over a wooden dough rolling board.Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta, sometimes also described as " navel shaped hence their alternative name of "belly button" ( ombelico ).

"The secret to tortellini, Modena's special pasta"."Tortellini, The Dumpling Inspired By Venus' Navel".Originally from the, italian region.

Nutrition data edit Tortellini pasta, with cheese filling, fresh-refrigerated, as purchased Nutrient Unit 1 Value per 100 g Amount per.75 cup (81 g) Calories 307 249 Proximates Water.50.70 Protein.50.94 Total lipid (fat).23.86 Carbohydrate, by difference.A b Zanini De Vita, Oretta (2009).