Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic (6.95 ebook, 12 print,.08 audiobook Read the first section for free in PDF format.You control one team of players versus another, in turn based fashion.May 13, 2019 Unrealistically Great Expectations May 9, 2019 The Great Unraveling Begins: Distraction, Lies, Infighting, Betrayal May 8, 2019 What Would It Take to Spark a Rural/Small-Town Revival?

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To prevent the fall of our democratic republic, we must transform our economy and society from the ground.We have been regarded as one of the top haunted attractions in the nation and have been featured on the Travel Channel, USA Today, m, Hauntworld and many other publications.

Our way forward starts with understanding the fatal flaws of our brittle, self-serving status quo and embracing this basic truth: better options are available if were willing to explore.While many voices seek to assure us these technologies won't displace human workers, the reality is cutting labor inputs is the core driver.