To her credit, Ehle movingly conveys the sad frustration that Wilde implanted in his lonely wife; but Ehle has to do the work, playing her feelings on her face, with little help from Julian Mitchell's screenplay." 6 Derek Elley of Variety observed, "Brian Gilbert, till.Production notes edit In a featurette on the film's DVD release, producer Marc Samuelson confesses casting Stephen Fry in the title role was both a blessing and a problem.While it captures its subject's singular charm, it ultimately doesn't do justice to his complexity." 5 In the San Francisco Examiner, David Armstrong said the film "benefits from its lush period costumes and settings but gains even more from an accomplished cast of British film.

Everyone else involved in the making of Wilde has done an exemplary job illuminating a man and his era." 4 Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle called it "a sympathetic and, for the most part, nicely realized look into the private life of the.In spite of the advice or objections of others, he eventually meets with Douglas.

He says Jude Law, Michael Sheen and Ioan Gruffudd were quick to put him at ease.While their second child is still an infant, the couple hosts a young Canadian named.In the last third, the film derails somewhat by turning preachy.